22 février 2017

Le self-interview de Francesco Giustozzi

The « self-interview »: the interview with yourself, where you can just say whatever you want.

The rule: the interviewee takes a picture of his workplace and answers the questions he would love to be asked. Then he tells the « most hated » question he could be asked to answer. 

Francesco is an illustrator and graphic designer. With Milan et demi, he published 50 Décors/50 Films and took part in these collective books: 100 Films, La France qui gueule ! and Douce France.

bureau francesco giustozzi

What would be my ideal work space?

I love very much perfectly organized spaces, they have not to be necessarily tidy but it would be fantastic to have a big studio with light wood floor, three white walls and one full window to let the light in. A space where I could have lots of tables and desks to work and draw on, according to my day mood. A big bookcase full of the most talented illustrators’ illustrated books, a big couch to dream on, a very comfortable armchair to read on, lots of lamps, carpets to roll over together with my dog Sponge. I would like to have a room that changes with me, to fill in and then to empty, to dirty and then to clean, a room to party hard but also to stay alone, with loud music and work without sense of time.

What’s my favorite thing about illustration?

The most beautiful thing about illustration is to feel a shiver down my spine when I see something inspiring, that makes me run home and begin to draw. It usually happens when I look around and very often when I found a precise color palette, absurd structures or particular architectures.

What would I do if I could be a full-time illustrator?

If I could live being as an illustrator, I would love to travel a lot to look for new sensations. I would like to buy lots of illustrated books, paintings, prints, food and armchairs. I would like to invite in my studio all of my friends and draw together from the evening to the morning. I would love to visit a new art exhibition every week, to walk outside and take a picture every step to capture every detail. I would like to take part to the illustration festivals around the world and meet new people. I would love trying to explain people what I do and how beautiful it is.

Please, don’t ask: « What do you do exactly, as an illustrator? Drawings? »

F. G.